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Business Checking Accounts

The La Salle State Bank Business Advantage Management Program offers the following business checking accounts. The checking account that best suits your needs depends on the size of your organization and the volume of your monthly checking account activity.

Whether we currently serve your business’s accounts, or you are interested in our new program, we can conduct a FREE cost analysis of your current bank relationship and can discuss your needs and organizational goals. Upon completion of the analysis, we will make recommendations for bank-related products and services to ensure your needs are met in a cost efficient and effective manner. Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

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Checking Accounts & Account Descriptions

LSB Baseline-25 & Baseline-50 Accounts
If your business organization generates less than 50 deposit transactions and 50 check transactions per month, then one of our two Baseline Accounts will be more cost efficient for your business.

LSB Corporate Account
If your business organization typically generates more transactions than our Baseline Accounts provide per month, then the La Salle State Bank Corporate Account will best meet your organization’s needs.

LSB Business N.O.W. Account
Available to Sole Proprietors & Non-Profit Organizations, our Interest Bearing Business Checking Account, or Business N.O.W. Account, is designed to maximize your earning potential by applying a competitive rate of interest to your available checking balance of $1000 or more.

LSB Money Manager "Sweep" Account
Why let excess cash sit idle? Keep it productive around-the-clock with the convenience of our automated Money Manager Sweep Account investment service. After your operating account is validated at the end of each business day, available funds exceeding your target balance are automatically swept into the short-term interest bearing investment accounts. At the start of the next day, your invested funds are available to you in your operating account. You remain in control of your funds through our monthly transaction and investment activity reports. Money Manager Accounts are sweep accounts which are not deposits of the bank and are not insured by the F.D.I.C.

eLSB Business Internet Banking
Unlimited Internet Banking access is available to all Baseline 50, Corporate, and Business N.O.W. Account clients. This free access includes eLSB Internet Banking, our Internet Banking solution. We offer additional Internet Cash Management and Bill Pay services for a nominal fee.

PER ITEM FEES How Many Checks Can You Write Interest And Earnings Credit
Checks & Other Debit Transactions Deposits & Other Credit Transactions Deposited Items Drawn On Us Deposited Items Not Drawn On Us
LSB Baseline-25
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $9
Minimum Balance: $0
1st 25 Free1 No Charge No Charge 1st 25 Free1 25 No Interest
LSB Baseline-50 
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $12
Minimum Balance: $0
1st 50 Free1 No Charge No Charge 1st 50 Free1 50 No Interest
LSB Corporate Account
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $10
Minimum Balance: $0
13¢ No Charge No Charge 12¢ Unlimited Earnings Rate2
LSB Business N.O.W.
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $10
Minimum Balance: $0
13¢ No Charge No Charge 12¢ Unlimited Variable Rate3
LSB Money Manager "Sweep"
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $0
Minimum Balance: Minimum Balance Requirement Derived From Account Analysis
        Tied to LSB Business Account with Check Writing Privileges Variable Rate4

This brochure contains a summary of the terms, features and conditions of the La Salle State Bank deposit accounts. It is intended to be read in conjunction with the Deposit Account Disclosure. Some of the La Salle State Bank products and services are subject to eligibility. The La Salle State Bank reserves the right to change the terms, features and conditions of this summary at any time.

1 Should your account exceed the maximum allowed number of transactions, as indicated in the account category, then the following per item fees will apply to the extra items: Checks & Other Debit Transactions: 13¢ per item. Deposited Items not Drawn on Us: 12¢ per item.
2 A Corporate Account Earnings Credit, at the rate of 25¢ per one hundred dollars of the account’s average collected balance, will be applied monthly to offset that month’s service charges.
3 Our Interest Bearing Account pays a competitive variable rate of interest using the daily balance method which is credited monthly on your statement date.
4 Money Manager Accounts are sweep accounts which are not deposits of the bank and are not insured by the F.D.I.C.