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A Degree Above the Rest
Use the card that gives the kind of benefits every card member wants. Convenience. Security. Independence. And once in a while, maybe even a little fun.

A Class Act
Pay no annual membership fee as long as you make at least one purchase a year with your Elan College Card available through the La Salle State Bank. It's welcome everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted -- at 15 million places and counting including ATMs. And, it carries the kind of perks you'd expect.

Cash is fine for some things. But a credit card is an easy, safer way to pay for many expenses on and off campus. Books. Tuition. Travel. In an emergency- if your car breaks down or you're caught without funds- an Elan College Card comes in handy. Plus responsible use of your Elan College Card will help you establish a solid credit rating- something you will need when you're ready to buy a car or home

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