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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

We offer several IRA options to meet various individual needs. Each account option offers unique features and benefits. Visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives to learn more about these accounts and contact your tax professional to determine which is best for your tax situation.

Traditional IRA
Start down the road to a financially secure retirement with a Traditional IRA. Through the power of compounding and with a diligent yearly savings, the Traditional IRA helps you retire in style.

Roth IRA
The most flexible of IRAs available is funded solely by after-tax contributions. These contributions may be withdrawn any time for such reasons as: first time home purchase, medical expenses, or other special needs you may have. It offers the possibility of tax-free earnings. Many individuals who never qualified for Traditional IRAs and those over the age of 70+ can take advantage of this special IRA if you still have earned income.

Deposit Account Options
LSB IRAs are available in either Certificates of Deposit or Savings Account formats.

Certificate Short-Term Options
31, 91, or 182 Day
Fixed Rate Terms
Minimum Balance $500

Certificate Long-Term Options
12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 60
Month Fixed Rate Terms
Minimum Balance $500

Savings Account Options
Variable Rate Account Minimum Balance $25

24-Karat IRA
Ask about our special 24-Karat IRA option. This account is a 24-month Variable Rate IRA, which is automatically renewable. After opening your 24-Karat IRA, additional contributions starting at $100 can be made at any time - in any manner! Ask a Customer Service Representative to tell you more about its additional special features.

Account features include:

  • FREE! Access to Internet banking when you maintain an Internet Access LSB Checking Account.
  • Now LSB IRAs can help you save for more than just retirement– First time home purchases, medical expenses, and even costs associated with higher education can all be funded by IRAs*

* Please Contact Your Tax Professional.