Business Banking


Business Merchant Services

Use our Merchant Bankcard Program and discover how to maximize cash flow efficiency and increase profitability.

  • Competitive discount rate based on your annual sales volume, and the authorization and deposit method you choose.
  • Our flexible pricing system bills only for the services you actually use, as opposed to flat-fee pricing.
  • Our monthly statement of discount is deducted from checking at the end of the month instead of daily.

With La Salle State Bank supporting your Merchant Services program, authorization and deposits become simplified!

Speed up the check-out process, guarantee authorization of bankcard purchases, and free your sales staff from mounds of paperwork– easily. We’ll help you choose the best authorization and deposit method to meet your needs– whether it’s Voice Authorization or Electronic Data Capture.

eLSB Internet Banking

Whether you appreciate the flexibility of the Internet, or you prefer to track your finances using personal financial software; such as, Microsoft® Money, Quicken®, or QuickBooks® software — our eLSB Internet Banking solution awaits you. We offer a full Internet solution which includes: Cash Management, Bill Pay, and eLSB Internet Banking with these convenient service abilities:

  • View account balance information
  • Review checks cleared and deposits credited status
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Set up automatic payments for monthly bills such as mortgages or car loans

Internet Bill Pay & Cash Management

Our Internet Banking solution can also help streamline your accounts payable process. With eLSB Bill Pay you can schedule one-time and recurring payments, and view past and present payment activity over the Internet. You can even tie invoice information (like invoice number and adjustment amount) to your payments. Bill Pay is quite simply the quickest, easiest way to pay your bills.

Once you begin using LSB Internet Bill Pay, you’ll find it:

  •  Convenient – You can pay anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the U.S.
  • Cost-Effective – eLSB Bill Pay saves you check, stamp and envelope expenses, trips to the post office, and most of all… your time!

Security Our Internet Banking service is protected under the latest and most powerful Internet security platform. We utilize an Internet bank processing unit whose team of technical security specialists work toward ensuring that all financial transactions and data transmissions are completed in a secure Internet environment.

Enrolling Simply click on the Internet Banking icon at the top of this page or, visit us at any of our convenient locations in La Salle, Peru, and Utica.