Personal Savings Accounts

Get your money working for you

Begin.It's never too early to start saving

Mighty Bucks

We think this is the perfect savings account for children and young adults, because it’s never too early to start saving. Get your kids started off on the right financial foot by teaching them to save and manage their money responsibly by opening a MIGHTY BUCKS savings account at LSB.  You’ve got to be 18 years old or younger to qualify, the minimum balance requirement is small, and it pays a competitive variable rate of interest on deposits (compounded daily on your full balance and credited quarterly on your statement date.).  You can find the rate right here on our website.  MIGHTY BUCKS account holders even receive monthly paper statements, so even our youngest customers can watch their money grow!

Visit our MIGHTY BUCKS page for more details if you think a MIGHTY BUCKS savings account from La Salle State Bank would be a good fit for you or your youngster.

Build.Watch your money grow

Community Savings

Like our Community and Community Premier checking accounts, the COMMUNITY savings account is LSB’s gimmick-less savings account.  If you don’t need anything fancy, but you just want a simple, solid savings account that pays a good rate, then the COMMUNITY savings account might be right for you.  You will earn a competitive rate of interest (rate available here) that is compounded daily on your account balance and paid quarterly so you earn a higher yield.  All deposits, withdrawals, interest earned and ATM transactions will appear on your mailed quarterly statement or your e-Statement.  Plus, with a COMMUNITY savings account, you’ll get access to our very convenient mobile and online banking products.

If you’d like all of the details about opening a COMMUNITY savings account at La Salle State Bank, visit our COMMUNITY savings account webpage.

Community Money Market

It’s like a checking account and a savings account had a baby. The COMMUNITY MONEY MARKET account offers the convenience and flexibility of a checking account with the high interest rate of a savings account. This account is meant for customers who need ready access to their larger deposit balances, so a Certificate of Deposit isn’t a good fit, but these customers also want to earn a higher interest rate on their deposits than a regular savings account offers. With a COMMUNITY MONEY MARKET account, you’ll get six checks to use per month, your funds will earn a competitive interest rate (see the rate here), and you’ll have access to our very convenient mobile and online banking products. This account does require a higher initial deposit, requires a higher minimum average deposit, and a maintenance fee can apply if you fall short of the balance requirement, but the COMMUNITY MONEY MARKET account remains a convenient way to have access to your funds while earning interest.

The COMMUNITY MONEY MARKET account might be the perfect tool for your savings arsenal.  Visit our COMMUNITY MONEY MARKET page for all the details about this great savings option.

Maintain.Protect and add to your savings

Certificates of Deposit

If you have some money saved up, and you don’t think you’re going to need it for awhile, try putting that money in a product that can earn you a little bit more than a traditional savings account while remaining very secure.  CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT (CDs) are the perfect way to protect and grow your money.  CDs are deposit accounts in which you invest a fixed sum of money at a fixed interest rate for a fixed term.  These securities have a variety of terms (maturities) and flexible interest payment options depending on the specific attributes of the CD.  After you’ve purchased the CD, you won’t be able to make additional deposits in or withdrawals from the account until the maturity date.  Early withdrawals can trigger penalty assessments.  So, this isn’t as flexible of a savings product as the Kasasa Saver and Community savings accounts, but it is a safe and effective way of saving and earning on your money.

All LSB CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT offer competitive rates of interest and are insured up to the FDIC maximum amount per depositor.  You can view CD interest rates here.  CDs can have short terms (generally less than one year) and long terms (generally more than one year).  LSB offers a variety of maturity terms in each of the short and long term category.  We also often offer CD Specials and Heavy Rate products which can have off-cycle terms and higher interest rates.

Additional details about your CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT options at La Salle State Bank, click on this link to visit the CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT page of our website.

Savings Club Accounts

Our SAVINGS CLUB accounts are a very convenient way to set money aside for a big or small purchase in the future.   We believe that it’s always easier to save when it happens automatically.  So, our SAVINGS CLUB accounts are setup to automatically withdraw money from one of your LSB checking or savings accounts and transfer it into the SAVINGS CLUB account.  That way, you don’t even miss it!  The money in the SAVINGS CLUB account will earn interest at a competitive interest rate and, when the account matures, the bank will automatically transfer the balance back to your regular LSB checking or savings account so you can make your big purchase.  It’s a super simple and convenient way to prepare for those big dollar needs in life.

At LSB we offer two different SAVINGS CLUB accounts, a Vacation Club and a Christmas Club, but don’t let the names limit you.  You can use these accounts to help you save money for any big purchase.  The only major difference between the two club accounts is how much you can put in the account and when you can get it out.  Either way, both accounts will help you protect and add to your savings.  Either SAVINGS CLUB account is a great way to get you to stockpile some money for a future need.

If you are interested in learning more about LSB’s options for SAVINGS CLUB ACCOUNTS, check out all the details on our SAVINGS CLUB ACCOUNTS page of the LSB website.

Preserve.Be prepared for retirement

One of the biggest life events for which we all need adequate savings is retirement.  When you work so hard for so long, you really want to be able to retire and enjoy those golden years without having to worry about your savings running out.  At LSB, we want to provide our customers with the tools necessary to preserve the savings they’ve accumulated in their working years, so they can enjoy every day after with the peace of mind that comes with financial stability and certainty.  That’s why we offer several Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options to help meet your individual retirement savings needs.  All of our IRA products are available in Traditional and Roth formats.  Depending where you are on your retirement savings journey will determine what retirement savings product is right for you.  Be sure to consult your tax advisor before deciding which IRA products is right for you.

IRA Certificates of Deposit

The La Salle State Bank offers short term CD options and long term CD options for your IRA retirement savings.  This way, our customers can structure their retirement savings in a way that maximizes return and availability of funds.  Both are available for Traditional and Roth IRAs.

24-Karat IRA

Ask about our special 24-KARAT IRA option. This account is a 24-month Variable Rate IRA which is automatically renewable.  After opening your 24-KARAT IRA, additional contributions starting at $100 can be made at any time – in any manner!  The 24-KARAT IRA is also available as a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA.

IRA Savings Account

The most basic  of our IRA savings options is our IRA SAVINGS ACCOUNT.  Deposits to this account earn a competitive interest rate, and the funds are readily available when you reach the necessary age and tax milestones for withdrawal.  Setup your IRA SAVINGS ACCOUNT as a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA savings account.

For more details about all of the Individual Retirement Account products available at La Salle State Bank, please visit our IRA SAVINGS ACCOUNT page.