Business Banking


About Business Accounts & Services

The La Salle State Bank recognizes that different sized businesses have different needs. We developed the Business Advantage Management Program to respond to these different needs and to meet financial needs based upon the specific attributes of your organization.

The Business Advantage Management Program provides specialized financial tools to help you manage your company’s financial future. Whether you are a sole proprietor running a small business out of your home, a large company with more than one hundred employees, or are somewhere in between, the La Salle State Bank’s Business Advantage Management Program is available to meet your every banking need.

Whether you need to open a checking account, disburse and collect funds, use credit to effectively expand operations or take advantage of investment opportunities, you can depend on us to help your business prosper.

As a Business Advantage customer, you can expect us to work with you to create a program that responds to the financial goals and priorities of your company. We’ll help you choose the proper Business Advantage services from our well-stocked "kit" of financial tools. Then, as your company evolves, our Business Advantage Management Program has the flexibility to reflect your changing needs.