picture of the outside of the La Salle State Bank building

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picture of the outside of the La Salle State Bank building

La Salle State Bank – La Salle, IL

Staff Directory

Have a question about any of our services?  We’d love to hear from you.  Below is a list of our staff members along with their contact information.  If you choose to contact a Bank employee by email, we ask that you refrain from including personal information in your correspondence.  Sensitive information like your Social Security Number or any bank account number should not be shared via email.

La Salle Office

Tony Bacidore, Credit Analyst
815-223-8800 |

Peggy Chiu, Teller
815-223-8800 |

Sarah Czernicki, Teller
815-223-8800 |

Chris Duncan, Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
815-410-8300 |

Dan Eiten, Commercial Loan Officer
815-410-8320 |

Michele Engel, Vice President, Compliance & BSA Officer
815-223-8800 |

Jeff Ellis, President and CEO
815-410-8317 |

Ashley Emmett, Assistant Vice President, Loan Processing Manager
815-410-8324 |

Janette Glupczynski, Vice President, Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer
815-410-8319 |

Aaron Helson, Customer Service Representative
815-410-8308 |

Colleen Huska, Teller
815-223-8800 |

Barb Lindemann, Assistant Vice President, Retail Department Manager
815-410-8309 |

Nancy McCook, Loan Processor
815-410-8301 |

Amy Moskalewicz, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
815-410-8315 |

Berenice Quintana, Loan Processor
815-410-8325 |

Sarah Rodda, Teller
815-223-8800 |

Hayley Dilling, Customer Service Representative
815-410-8321 |

Nick Shan, Maintenance Supervisor
815-223-8800 |

Peru Office

Jennifer Carreon, Personal Banker
815-223-8802 |

Angela Edgcomb, Personal Banker
815-223-8802 |

Karen Fouth, Personal Banker
815-223-8802 |

Dawn Hoelzer, Staff Accountant
815-410-8403 |

Connie Lauer, Staff Accountant
815-410-8404 |

Justin Miller,  Chief Financial Officer
815-410-8402 |

Brenda Mobley, Vice President, Branch Manager & Mortgage Loan Officer
815-410-8407 |

Sara Torres, Personal Banker
815-223-8802 |

Utica Office

Regina Domkuski, Personal Banker
815-667-4232 |

Diane Thompson, Branch Manager
815-408-7202 |